Planned Giving

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A Gift Anyone Can Make

With countless ways to give to the University of Minnesota, you can find an opportunity that fits with the financial plans you already have in place. And you can start planning your future gift to the U right now.

A simple way to make a charitable estate gift to the U is by designating us to receive assets in a bank or brokerage account after your lifetime. This can be done through a Payable on Death (POD) designation for a bank account or through a Transfer on Death (TOD) designation for a securities portfolio. You can simply contact your bank or brokerage company and request forms to set up a POD or TOD account. Then name the University of Minnesota Foundation as a beneficiary.

You can designate the University to receive a specific amount, a percentage, or all of the remaining assets in the account. The assets will then pass directly to the University at your death and will not be subject to probate. You maintain control over the assets while you're living and can change the beneficiary at any time during your life.

As with any gift to the University, you may choose to direct your gift to a specific campus, college, program, or fund. Please use a Statement of Future Gift form to document your wishes for the use of your future gift and your preferences for recognition.